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Vedic Amla Giloy Juice 1Ltr


Vedic Amla Giloy Juice 1Ltr
Giloy or Guduchi is a herb that is known for many of its benefits, but it is famous for its disease-fighting properties. Giloy helps to build the body’s natural defense mechanism and fighting many diseases. Researches have shown Giloy to increase immunoglobulins- chemicals responsible for enhancing the body’s immunity and helps remaining disease-free and allergy-free. Amla in Ayurveda is considered the best Rasayana, which means one that enhances lifespan. Due to rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, amla helps fight free radicals and keeps the body healthy and disease-free

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Amla – Gooseberry is the richest source of vitamin C, that is responsible for boosting immunity. Vitamin C plays avital role in improving immunity to fight against free radicals.

Giloy – health benefits of Giloy are numerous. Guduchi is a very well know herb used for anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulatory purposes.

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